Anjeer Cake from Angan (500 gm)


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Angan operated by Pashupati Foods has been engaged in the sweets and snacks endeavor for the past 20 years and therefore, all preparations are accomplished in accordance with their strict quality control and with no compromise. Established in the year 1992, Angan is a traditional sweet store, which has a stronghold over the sweet market in Nepal today. Under the supervision of M/s Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi India, (A Leading Manufactures of Indian Traditional Sweets and Namkeen Having More than 59 Outlets in India and Out of India) Angan continues to improve in its every single endeavor, achieving new heights of success with every new preparation.

Angan is the best place In Nepal for all sweet lovers from the world over to look for. The store offers a whole range of traditional sumptuous sweets including Laddus, Khoya Items, Dry Fruit Sweets, Bengali Sweets, and many more such sweets. Today, Angan sweets are popular in Nepal due to their taste, high quality, and extensive variety. We preserve the highest quality and pledge to bring to you the authentic exquisite taste of India. We prepare special sweets to suit all your needs for any occasion such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and get together. We utilize the finest and the freshest ingredients to achieve the wholesome, rich, and delicious taste of appetizing sweets from various regions. We emphasize hygiene in our preparation process. Every step of our manufacturing process in well supervised to ensure that the customers receive the right taste and right quality, sweets


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